Matthew Costabile

Software engineer


Matthew is a New York City based Software Developer. He earned a Degree in Economics focusing on Economic Development and Econometrics from Hunter College, as well as a certificate in Full Stack Web Development, from the New York Code and Design's Web Development Intensive program. He enjoys writing clean, readable, and performance code, simple and intuitive interfaces, and always tries to solve problems with an eye toward the total product.


  • Brace

    (2019-01 - Current)

    Software Engineering Lead - Client Facing Technologies

    Brace builds enterprise software for the mortgage servicing industry
    • Architect and lead frontend development with React and Typescript
    • Maintained 3 separate interfaces deployed across multiple client environments, in a highly tested and scalable way
    • Develop and maintain multiple utility libraries, design system, and http client modules
    • Managed and mentored team of 6 engineers and qa personnel
    • Design REST endpoints and interactions
    • Built a tool for generating forms from schemas to provide a more shareable configuration between services
    • Worked with product and C level leadership to plan sprints and quarterly goals
    • Lead hiring effort for expandeding the Client Facing Tech team
    • Functionally operate as the main product manager for the team as well
  • United Technologies - Digital Accelerator [now Raytheon]

    (2018-04 - 2018-12)

    Software Engineer

    The Digital Accelerator is a digital product studio inside United Technologies, with the goal of pushing UTC's digital transformation forward
    • Developed React and Redux based UI for a supply chain tool with over 6000 users. Tested with Jest, Puppeteer and Moxios
    • Architeced and developed internal design system for UTC products. Generates W3C Spec Web Components, written in Typescript with JSX. Styled via PostCSS using spec compliant transforms. 100% test coverage across usages in React, Vue and Vanilla JS, with Jest and Puppeteer in all modern browsers as well as IE11
    • Developed Microservice starter kit for future projects utilizing a Node Api with Swagger, Postgres DB, React UI running on docker containers through docker­compose
    • Provide coaching and support to junior engineers on process, best practice and quality
    • Presented on *Framework Agnostic Web Components* at internal conferences, describing best practices and methods for reusing components across a variety of front end toolsets
  • The Social Edge

    (2017-11 - 2018-04)

    Full Stack Software Engineer

    A Machine learning based content discovery platform that helps social media influences create stronger engagement with their audiences.
    • Lead UI improvements to React and Altjs based front end app, through significant code refactoring, build pipeline updates and distribution updates.
    • Design refinements to ensure a mobile friendly intuitive interface.
    • API and process re­architecture to improve scalability.
    • Database redesign to facilitate ease of development and improve data flow between api and app
  • Dibs

    (2016-11 - 2017-11)

    Full Stack Software Engineer

    Dibs is a dynamic pricing and booking platform for booking fitness classes.
    • Lead development on 3 fully featured react/redux single page apps, designed client integration system.
    • Re­architected database schema to improve product scalability. Architected and implemented improvements in code and ops pipeline to ensure a good user experience on all devices and connections.
    • Re­architected express based server to ensure efficiency and scalability, as well as streamlining the codebase while providing a pathway for further optimizations
    • Implemented a friend referral system, built on asynchronous messaging utilizing RabbitMQ and user matching heuristics
    • Optimized SQL queries and processing scripts for analytics data, bringing the longest running process's execution time from more than 20 minutes to less than 1 minute
  • Xaxis

    (2016-07 - 2016-11)

    Full Stack Software Engineer (Contract)

    Programmatic marketing and advertising platform
    • Built microsites and tracking plans for marketing initiatives
    • Built realtime feedback tools for tracking employee morale and fostering intra-office
  • New York Code and Design Academy

    (2016-03 - 2016-12)

    Web Developer (Contact)

    Web Development and Product Management bootcamp for professionals and career-changers
    • Built automated payment processing platform through Stripe and Sidekiq background jobs queue
    • Wrote curriculum for advanced topics in Ruby
    • Edited and assisted with writing Node.js Intensive web development curriculum
    • Assisted with instructing students, performing mock interview/hiring sessions
  • Desmarais LLP

    (2010-06 - 2015-07)

    Legal Assistant

    IP Trial boutique law firm, specializing in complex patent litigation
    • Supported multiple teams of attorneys across 8 trials
    • Assisted with preparing deposition materials, summary judgment briefings, trial briefings, complaints, interrogatories and other legal documents
    • Developed and maintained best practices for Document and Knowledge management, as well as custom queries for discovery databases


  • City University - Hunter College

    (2007-08 - 2011-05)

    Bachelor: Economics